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RSSAgriculture is a unique monitoring tool dedicated to the agriculture sector and agricultural industries.
Intended for players in the agricultural world, the RSS Agriculture sector watch tool monitors innovations and information relating to crops, whether field crops, viticulture, horticulture or forestry. The monitoring tool also tracks innovations from ecological forms of agriculture such as permaculture, agroecology and organic farming.
In addition, the RSS Agriculture monitoring platform also monitors information on innovations in the field of livestock farming, including cattle, sheep, pig, horse and goat farming, as well as poultry farming.
The RSS Agriculture monitoring tool also scans for new developments in all agricultural machinery, including tractors, combines, seeders and other hydraulic machinery related to planting and harvesting, as well as breeding materials and equipment.
The RSSAgriculture monitoring solution allows you to benefit from a professional monitoring of the entire agricultural industry, updated in real time and with ease.
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Agriculture Monitoring
American-Moroccan Team Invents New Seed Coating To Combat Drought
Published at 26/07/2021

Rabat - An American research team, in collaboration with Moroccan researchers, has developed a seed coating technology that could help plants survive better in semi-arid regions and reduce the amount of water necessary for agriculture.[...]

New Red Tractor standards aim to improve farmyards
Published at 21/07/2021

Farmers Weekly Cattle worth more than £1.85m have been sold on a new trading platform launched by the free herd management app Breedr. Since February, farmers have sold 2,912 cattle through the tool: 2,475 liveweight and 437 deadweight. Stock are listed…

Fendt rolls out cab upgrade to larger models
Published at 15/07/2021

Farmers Weekly Fendt has added its One cab furniture to the 500, 900 and monster 1000 wheeled tractors, but has curiously excluded the 800 series which becomes the only wheeled model not to benefit from the fancy tech. More than 5,000 tractors have left…

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